Don’s Comic Delights

Blondie:  Dagwood is out to prove to Blondie that he can be “Mr. Fix-it.”  Look, Honey, I fixed the problem with the toaster.  Unfortunately, the two slices of toast he put in to show his wife all is well finds the bread being burned to a black crisp.  Blondie looks peeved.  Now it burns toast faster than ever.

Pickles:  Earl brings Opal a DNA kit.  She is seated on the couch talking with her sister. The dog is with her as usual.  Here’s your DNA test kit Opal.  Just fill this tube up with your saliva.  Okay, as soon as I get off the phone talking with my sister. Sorry.  Yeah. That was Earl.  Right! I know, I know.!  Not paying attention, the dog had begun sniffing the tube and licking the tube entrance with his tongue.

Hagar:  You two never pick anything up!! I bet Lucky Eddie doesn’t leave underwear lying around.  Lucky Eddie answers her.  Certainly not! You’d never invite me back!!

Shoe:  Did I tell you I’m quitting cold turkey? You mean you are finally going to quit smoking? No way!  I am going to stop eating cold turkey!


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