Whatever Happened to Commonsense?

What academe misses from the halls of learning I find laughable.  Does anyone possess it as does Donald Trump?  Apparently not according to Trump who adopts its usage on a regular basis.  I have heard the word commonsense used where commentators and politicians refrain from such a simplistic natural truth.  Maybe it is too simplistic and general for the egg heads in our elite establishment.  But Trump has adopted it because, like with me, our voice is simple and direct with no fanfare of longwinded hogwash we all experience from the media.

I was fortunate to see the TV coverage of Trump’s talk in Virginia where he addressed a huge contingent of the military and congressional members.   His speech was that of a true leader who addressed the critical issues facing America today.  He carried himself with dignity, compassion of what the world under ISIS has rendered.  “Unlike the current administration and candidate Clinton, if elected President, the enemies we face will not be given the time or the date or the nature of the attack or a defense if necessary but the result will be a swift and sure destruction of ISIS. He said it is stupid to give the enemy advanced plans.  He inferred that Generals MacArthur, George Patton  and other great men in the past would find our current behaviors in conducting the battle to lack commonsense!

You do not conduct a battle on the chessboard by cheerfully telling your opponent what you have up your sleeve.  Take my game with Lazlo, had I given him a bummer by the appearance of weakness I set in motion on the b-file, he would have never fallen for backing up his Rook with his Queen which saw his whole position crumble when I captured the Queen Pawn with my Bishop giving me a crush on the file he thought he was setting up a win for himself.

Meanwhile, Hillary was running over to Ohio smiling how she stumped Trump.  What it tells me is anyone who uses commonsense would see that she was left breathless and not a pot to use. A crooked play eventually finds corruption  and downright meanness being exposed. Amen!! and Amen!

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