Beauty and the Beast

The jokes people play; the lies will come to haunt those who honor them by blind obedience because such liars do tend to overexpose themselves to the public. The question of course remains as to whether the public even cares to remove their blinders. But for those who do, for those who are adept at such analysis where the many pieces can create a beautiful picture.

Saturdays I don’t watch sports; I listen to Joe P’s radio show over WHAM summing up the week in review. For those who do, I do not need to mention this sizzling review where truth and falsehoods are exposed and supported by facts, not merely a guy’s opinion week in and week out.

Frankly I am disgusted with the folks who swallow the TV garbage of left-wingers who cannot stand in a test of honest debate.  In fact, the TV broadcast of the hyped up debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was downright humiliatingly fraud that only afterwards came to light.  I say this because the democrats, media, and some commentators abuse our expected rights as listeners to get the truth and nothing but the truth–free of skullduggery that was exposed from the damaged audio that was on Trump’s platform to the bizarre questions where, Hillary Clinton was obviously fed in advance, and all questions regarding what the public really wants to know is the answers from the mouth of Clinton under the conditions usual in debates.  Trump was not even given a question concerning topics seen in many of his campaign stops.  Hillary ran off at the mouth like she usually does with no interference with only Trump making comment. The whole thing smelled to me as well as others and many said that Trump won more points than all of Clinton’s long winded rehearsed lines.  Worst was the attack on Trump time and again while Trump refused to attack Hillary in the same fashion. Lies? Blindsided by the democrat media lovers before, during and following exposures that were labeled as just flaws in his audio while her speaker was loud and  clear.  Do you really swallow it as just an accident??  Ha?  Then you are easily duped and what does that say about you!

I worry about my country.  I worry about the damage being done in the Halls of Congress because I see the liberal Republicans falling in line with President Obama giving away our rights to control the internet to Russia, China, Europe and others.  These nations do not believe in freedoms as Americans do.  I am not going to close with God Bless anything but just sadness to what I am witnessing in what I call a world gone mad.  Goodbye.


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