Don’s View of the Clinton-Trump Debate

What many viewers might see is a big plus for Hillary Clinton.  She certainly had a lot to say and practice before her mirror as journalistic puns attribute for any of these political debates.  But frankly, I see it differently.  Donald Trump received assault after assault on both his business practices as well as questions about his personal character which she tried to rip  to shreds.  Really what she wanted was for Donald to blow up in hopes of enraging him where his demeanor became the subject for the evening.  This did not happen.  In truth, he repelled much of what she said, but also not allowing her vigorous comments to go unchecked.

In a chess struggle there exists offense and defense.  When a player assaults, it behooves a defensive response or else the position and game ends in check and mate.  In real terms, this is exactly what Donald Trump did–defend against assaults that came like machine gun fire.  As I see it, Hillary was very much herself and only those who follow the debates leading up to this debate fiasco that Americans saw on Monday night could weigh into with understanding and purpose rendered by Queen Hillary.  But the debate did not produce what Hillary Clinton had prodded with her pitchfork.  The devil was in the details.  And Donald Trump, though tempted, avoided falling into her trap embrace.  In fact, he very much acted the gentleman he is as seen by his close friends and family.  He did not attempt to ruin Hillary by trashing her own character flaws.  He avoided what many of his supporters had hoped for.  He respected her right to say what she said but also directed attention to the hate that spewed from her lips refusing to let such assaults sway him from the message to reinvigorate America’s greatness with his own plan aided by his key strategists.  It reminds me of the many former world chess championships through history.  Great men require assistants and the wise heed their voices.

The comical “I” Hillary so often refers to along with her cheering fans can only be described as comical because Donald relies upon a team effort.  That he speaks in terms of I instead we means what?  Is it a sign of just trying to muddy the waters of a truthful message of her seen as a liar and money hungry.  It is her principal power base of close associates.  Notice I did not say friends.  Donald Trump has respect.  He is success.  He is a leader.

I  expect over the next few weeks at least the air ways will be filled with nothing but the armchair politicos who dominate the media news and talk shows as paid guests.

It is said that people don’t trust Hillary. It is said that people have long memories of the Clinton era from Ark. to the White House and beyond. Politics tend to be scandalous because history proves that it thrives off the scandalmonger types.  It is the story that precludes whatever justice there is in this world.  And that is another story.


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