”Queen of Katwe’ Film is Movie Delight

Disney has done it again with a spectacular cast, great script, and just as uplifting and feeling good sports drama as any Rocky movie where gloves and physical blows find their glory in chess moves and mates.

Directed by Mira Nair, it has been rated three out of four stars for over all artistic perfection and rated PG which parents and adult guidance will appreciate. Kindred simply says: “You got to see it!”  When?  It goes nation-wide starting on Friday, September 30th.

Parents and especially mothers may find some close ties of feelings as her daughter Phiona who is bit by the chess bug begins taking chess instruction  which is taught by Robert Katende (David Oyelowo).

The movie starts out by showing Phiona selling corn in the Katwe slums to help the family survive.  In Disney-like dreams that become real, Phiona Mutesi is soon recognized as a chess prodigy.

What is truly amazing is the art exposing to the audience of, following  hot streak tournament achievements, actress Nalwanga proving her mettle in capturing the emotions of a reserved teenage girl whose character has a tough road.  When she does smile, she lights up the screen.  Oyelowo is the chess king of Katwe, bringing generosity, kindness and more–a disciplining demeanor to his role.

The sports drama has all the clichés, but what director Nair does exceptionally well are the chess playing scenes.  He films them as if they were football or boxing highlights with exciting montages, quick edits and interesting close-ups showing Phiona deep in thought above the table and her feet nervously shaking underneath.

Chess, as I have long portrayed, is like life itself.  It is entertaining to watch smug boys owned by a girl.  Movie fans will find scenes capturing their hearts and finishing with check and mate!


One Response to “”Queen of Katwe’ Film is Movie Delight”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    I was a little disappointed in not seeing English trans. Maybe it was because it was an international film shown round the world.

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