Comic Medicine for the Soul

For Better or Worse:  Big sister and little sister discuss the use of colors in completing homework assignments. What is that? Homework. All that is nothing but coloring.  You have no idea what real homework is. Do you see my assignment–books, paper and pen to write out my homework?  Yeah.  I see it. My homework is done. You haven’t even started!

Hagar:  Castle under attack. Pour all that boiling oil on them!  That’s cruel.  I don’t care! In that case, you go tell the men they won’t be having French fries tonight.

Pickles:  Grampa, can I get a piece of candy from the candy jar?  What’s the rule in this house about candy?  No candy until after dinner?  No, that is Gramma’s rule.  Grampa’s rule is bring me one, too!


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