Our Sick Society

Obama’s Lower Court Appointments Struck Down Restrictions Imposed By Republican Legislatures In Key States

The rulings could help remove impediments like photo IDs and making it easier to vote.  It looks to me like the democrats are up to their “old political game of cooking the books”.  This past eight years is full of corruption, fraud, deception within New York politics and sadly seen by both.

As a nation, we deserve an election process that is verifiable; to be 100% legist. That means no clever deceptive practices.  That means where every single citizen’s vote is tallied without any hint of fraud as witnessed in past vote coverage which brought this whole mess to light of such cronyism by either or both parties.  Inappropriate actions by the President or any group to cook the books that illegally affect any election outcome puts a black mark on our whole system and way of life.  That is so sad.

It is the responsibility of every American citizen to cast their ballot as they see fit but also to obey voting procedures set up by the states.  That is part of states’ rights which protect the outcome by count.

The argument to elect by popular vote can be put to rest by our founding fathers wisdom in establishing the electoral college to protect states against results which would be totally in favor of vast population spreads as occurred in New York’s governor race where the Republican won all the counties while a few NYC Burroughs iced it for the democrat nominee because of it’s huge population plurality.


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