Chicago Teen Dies Straddling Two Worlds of Friends and Family

The murder of 16-year old Elijah Sims on the streets of Chicago I read in the pages of the Democrat & Chronicle USA Today by columnist Aamer Madhani.

More than two years ago Sharita Galloway decided to move from the crime district of Austin to the leafy neighboring village of Oak Park which bordered north Austin.

Moving was about making a choice relates his brother Walter after the funeral.  It was about putting us in a good school and not worrying about the misery seen in Austin.  Elijah had new friends in Oak Park but also cherished his friendships from Austin and stayed in touch.  His mother worried and demanded he be home on such visits before 11pm.  He did as she asked.  He had a good part-time job, was looking forward to the senior prom with his girlfriend date. His ambition was to study nursing after high school. The police said he was killed at 10:11pm and neither he nor another in the shooting had any gang connection.

During the eulogy, the Reverend Ira Acree reminded the hundreds from the Austin community who gathered, that with Elijah’s death, and to honor him, fundamental changes needed to be made to end the culture of violence in neighborhoods like Austin. He preached that there is power in the blood of the innocent.

Can we believe?




















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