Hillary Fails to Impress Me and Why

Yes, I listened to the Friday morning black caucus spiel featuring Hillary Clinton at 10 am. Donald Trump held his event at his new hotel and arrived somewhat late.  Hillary was alone on the stage while Trump had gathered a group of military who said the country needs Donald Trump.  At the end, Mr. Trump spoke briefly (thank God!) and simply said that President Obama was indeed a US citizen. He gave the platform to the military heroes.

In the usual rhetoric of Democrats, Hillary spoke eloquently rehashing her ties with the Black Women’s group attesting her long time efforts to help black females to achieve their dreams.  She failed to address the long decades of poor quality education due to low economic pockets that prevailed and still do throughout cities across the country despite Democrat control for many years.  Another thing I get from her speech is the almost total support for the female gender.  My memory, which is not always dependable and gets me in trouble sometimes, paints a picture of schools where  boys and girls attend together unless being  either boys or girls private schools. And gender neutral seems to prevail among all but for a limited field of expertise dominated by either based upon mental or physical attributes.

With all her wisdom, I wonder why she ignores “boys”.  I suppose it is not a psychological problem she has.  Did she attend an all-girl college? I just seem to notice this when the thought occurred this Friday morning to me that it is a racist thing–something she blames Donald Trump of bias bigotry. I guess she is not bias.  She constantly points this out so one has to wonder where the American voter stands since her leadership failings and lack of judgment as Secretary of State and as candidate where she has openly been seen as a liar and being a high risk.  As senator Sanders said, “she is not qualified to be president of the United States.”

If bigotry exists in politics, then Hillary and Democrats set a good example of it’s practice.

Think before you vote,  but do vote.


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