The Chess Struggle

In my search to give you chess food, my archives occasionally uncover games and strategies that I choose which I hope enables you to broaden your knowledge and sharpen your spirit. My choice often conveys the charm of my “square count” theory.

White: Suba   vs.  Black:  Pasman  Opening:  Benoni Defense

l.  d4  Nf6  2. c4  c5  3. d5  b5  4. c:b5  a6  5. b:a6  g6  6. g3  Bg7  7. d6!?  Risk in chess by not blocking the d-pawn’s advance, a normal approach, being 6….d6.

7. … Qa5+  8. Bd2  Q:a6  9. d:e7  Qb7  10. Nf3  Ne4  11. Nc3  Q:b2  12. N:e4  Q:a1  13. Nd6+K:e7 14.Bg5+Ke6 15. Bh3+ f5  16. O-O! Just in time.

16. …Q:d1  17. R:d1 Ba6 18. e4  Bd4  19. Bf4  Kf6  20. e:f5  Be2  21. Bg5+ Kg7 22. N:d4  h6  Necessary because 22. …B:d1 23. f6+ Kg8  24. Be6+ d:e6  25. f7+ Kg8 26. N:e6 checkmate.

23. f6+ Kg8 24. N:e2  h:g5  25. Bg2  Ra6 26. Nc3  g4  27. N:e4  Rh5  28. f7+ Kg7 29. Nf6 Rh8  30. N:g4 R:a2

Black decides to resign after 31. Ne5  Ra4  32. Be4 Nc6  33. Ne8+ Kh6  34. Ng4+ Kg5  35. f4+ (1-0).


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