Return to the Chess Wars – / Tension

The 1950-1990s was a very active time in my chess development encompassing both correspondence and over-the-board activity.  I have been inactive as a player and  this week I reactivated my interest toward competing by joining the Community Chess Club tournament play on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-10:00pm.  The rounds are scheduled for one game with a time limit of G/80+5.  Needless to say it was a bit like finding myself once more at age 12 for my initiation into the tournament chess world. At age 78 I was being reborn.

My opponent I drew as my chess partner was well known to me because we had met in three previous tournament games many years ago.  Lazlo T. was an international master and I was unable to win one game against his King Gambit trio.

White:  Don Reithel    vs.  Black:  Lazlo T.   Opening:  Rat Opening  – English Descriptive

Alekhine once coined this “The Joke Opening”.  My labeling it “Rat” was a term I heard at a board when I was a TD; the white player having to play against it said:”Rats”.

l.  P-Q4  P-KN3 /  2. P-K4  B-N2 /  3. N-QB3  P-OB4 /  4. P-Q5  P-K3 /

Not that this move is bad but ….P-Q3 would seem more practical, opening up the long diagonal for the Bishop ala Square Count. I follow Lasker who said Knights are best placed on B3.

5. N-B3  P-QR3 / 6.  P-QR4!

This stops black from expanding on the Q-side and adds to my own square count as do my next series.

6. … P-Q3 / 7. B-KB4  P-K4 / 8. B-KN5  P-B3 /  9. B-Q2!  The right square keeping the Bishop active on two separate diagonals.  Black pawns have shorted the ebb and flow of black minor piece tension.

9. … N-K2 / 10. P-R5!

This bites into the enemy position and frees up the  QR4 square.

10. … P-B4 /  11. B-Q3  P:P /  12. B:P  P-QN4 /  13. P:P ep.  Q:P / 14. N-QR4 Q-Q1 / 15. P-B4  B-N5 / 16. P-R3  B:N /  17. Q:B  N-Q2 / 18. Q-N3  QN-B3 / 19. P-B3  O-O / 20. O-O  R-R2 /

At this point I decided to find a better square for my Queen.

21. Q-R4  N-R4  / 22. P-QN4  P:P  / 23. B:QNP  R-N2 /

I had envisioned this position when I played PQN4 and thus set a trap inviting what looked like a strong threat on the file.

24. QR-N1   Q-N1? / 25. B:QP!!  R:R  /  26. B:Q  R:R check / 27. K:R  B-B3  / 28. Q-N4  R:R /

Finally the mobile pawn strikes. Black is helpless.

29. P-Q6  N-B4 / 30. B:N  R-N5 / 31. N-B3  P-K5 / 32. N:P  R-N8 check /  33. K-K2  R-N7 check /  34. K-Q1  R-N8 check /  35. K-B2  R-N7 check / 36. K-B1  R-N5 / 37. N:B  K-B2 /

Lazlo was hoping the time clock might save him. Shades of the computer tech era.

38. N:N  P:N / 39. Q:P check  K-B3  / 40.  B-Q3  P-R4 / 41. Q-B5 check  K-N2  42. P-Q7 P-R5 / 43. P8Q  P-R6 / 44. Q(5)-B8 checkmate.

So starts my return to the battle field of 64 squares.  We were given one of the old time clocks that we both grew up with.  I am not sure what would have happened if I had to use one of those new fangled time pieces.






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