The Amateur Touch -Anti-Benoni

The Benoni Defense has been a favorite of many famous players.  In the Killer book, appears an opening system by White that utilizes my square count principles.

One might call the next pair: The case of the monstrous  d-pawn!

White:  Short  vs.  Black: Eleu  at Rochdale 1977

l. d4  Nf6  2. Nc3  c5  3. d5  e6  4. e4  c:d4  5. e:d5  d6  6. Nf3  a6  7. a4  Bg4  8. Be2  B:f3  9. B:f3  Nbd7  10. O-O  Be7  11. Bf4  O-O  12. Qd2 Re8  13. Rfe1  Nf8  14. Ne4  N:e4  15. B:e4  Bf6  16. c3  Qd7  17. Qd3  Qc7  18. Bf5  g6  19. Bh3  Re7  20. R:e7  Q:e7  21. Kf1  Re8  22. Qd2 Qe4 23. B:d6  Qc4+  24. Kg1  Re2  25. Qf4  Q:f4  26. B:f4  R:b2 27. d6  Ne6  28. B:e6  f:e6  29. Rd1 Kf7  30. d7  Bd8  31. h4  h6  32. B:h6  b5   33. Bg5  Ba5  34. a:b5 35. d8/Q B:d8 36. R:d8 White wins.

One of Dr. Marchand’s favorite sayings: “You play different; you lose different!”

White: Khuzman vs. Minasian  at Pula Echt 1997

l. d4  Nf6  2. Nf3  c5  3. d5 g6  4. Nc3  Bg7  5. e4  O-O  6. e5!  Full steam ahead.

6. … Ng4  7. Ng5! Nh6 8. h4  f6  9. Nge4 Nf7 10. h5  f5  11. Ng5  N:g5  12. B:g5  B:e5  13. h:g6 h:g6 14. d6! Bf6 15.B:f6  R:f6 16. Bc4+ e6  17. Qd2  Qf8 18. Nd5! e:d5 19. B:d5+ Re6+ 20.B:e6+ d:e6 21. Qg5 Bd7  22. O-O-O Be8  23. Qd8! Black resigns.

The Killer book goes into some detail on the opening play for both sides.


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