The Amateur Touch

My early adventures into the realm of opening study arose from watching my brother Raymond who was writing how chess moves related to each other in terms of development.  He based his essay on moves categorized as neutral, development, aggressive or defensive in nature.  Maybe I annoyed him watching but he often stopped to question me about moves played in the games he was choosing for his purpose.  I was just ten  at the time and my own knowledge was limited to learning the game, and playing with my brothers and sister. However, now that I think about it, he was in a small way stimulating my own skill level and most importantly my love attraction for the beauty found and exhibited in published works.

One such book that emphasizes my own feelings meant for eyes of the amateur is “a KILLER chess opening repertoire.” by Aaron Summerscale. It has only 144 pages but don’t let the size of light weight fool you.  It is packed with dynamite opening systems based upon opening systems which are fairly easy to learn and pack a real punch.  The chapter titles alone will excite!  The Barry Opening; The 150 Attack; The Colle-Zukertort System; Beating the Anti-Colle Systems; The Classical Queen’s Indian; Anti-Benoni; The Anti-Dutch 2. Bg5; Odds and Ends / index of variations.

Aaron Summerscale is a British Grandmaster, trainer, coach.  Everyman Chess: $19.95. PB.




One Response to “The Amateur Touch”

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    I do not sell chess books. Rochester Chess Center does and also USCF and New In Chess.-Don.

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