Female Species Play Chess, Part II

This game features a game from the 2011 European Women’s Ind. Championship held in Tbilisi, Georgia.  The event is held annually and gathers together the finest women players in Europe.  After a good start Nazi was paired with the top rated player GM Nana Dzagrnidze, rated among the top ten women players in the world and inspiration for her growing up. Nazi had the black pieces and answered 1. d4 with the Semi-Slav Defense, the Meran System (D48).

l. d4  d5 2. c4  c6  3. Nf3  Nf6  4. Nc3  e6  5. e3  The other popular line is called the Botvinnik Variation 5. Bg5 d:c4.  The Moscow line is 5…h6. The text leads to the Meran (Bd3) or Anti-Meran (6. Qc2) Variation. This choice is played so as not to lose a tempo.

5. …Nbd7  6. Bd3  d:c4  7. B:c4  b5  8. Bd3  Bb7  9. O-O a6  10. e4  c5  11. d5 c4  (To open the c5 square for the Knight.) 12. Bc2  Qc7 =.

13. Ng5  Straying from the strong 13. d:e6 f:e6  14. Ng5.

13. … Nc5  14. b4  Should Black now avoid a pawn capture?

14. … c:b3 e.p.  15. a:b3  h6!  Because of the timid play by White, Black has time to ease the pressure on the e6 square.

16. Nf3  b4! Chasing away the other Knight and digging into the White Queen-side.

17. Ne2  Rd8  18. Ng3?  Necessary was 18. Bf4 Qb6 19. Ned4  Again, think square count!

18. … Be7  19. Qe2  e:d5  Avoiding White’s clever trap. 19. …O-O?? 20. d6! following a fork on e5.

20. e5  Nfe4!  21. Nf5  Ne6  With superior placed Knights.22. N/3d4?

Allowing transfer of the initiative. Better was to eye jump moves ..Bb2>Rfe1>etc.

22. …N:d4  23. N:d4  Bc5  24. Bb2  Qb6?  Tit for tat.  Black errs. 24….Q:e5 25. B:e4  Q:e4 26. Rfe1 O-O finally getting the King castled.

25. Rad1  Again, here White has sharper with 25. Nf5  O-O 26. N:g7 K:g7 27. e6+ Kh7 28. Qg4.

25. …O-O  Finally the King gets castled. But now White misplays; 26. Nf5 was still a square count choice.

26. Kh1?  a5!  27. f3  Ba6  28. Bd3  Nc3  29. B:c3  b:c3  30. Nf5 B:d3  31. R:d3 d4  32. f4  Rfe8  33. h4  Bf8  34. h5 Kh8 Some of my earlier articles dealt with the safety of the King which often was,  as here, h8 -the corner square.

35. Rfd1  Q:b3   36. N:d4  Qc4  37. Qc2  Bb4  38. e6? White was suffering under time pressure now for some time and finally this error comes up.

38. … f:e6  39. Qa4  Rf8  40. Qc2  R:f4  41. Nf3  R:d3  42. R:d3  Rh4+ 43. N:h4 Q:h4+ White resigns. (0-1).


The chess classes I held years ago had about an equal number of boys and girls taking part. Schools and senior centers might be in need for experienced chess enthusiasts. It is a rewarding experience to teach chess or meet others.




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