From My Games — Dr. Max Euwe

This chess book was not my first but was in every way a revolutionary achievement in style and introduction of my then limited library of a truly remarkable chess player and writer by the name of Fred Reinfeld.   Chess publishing has produced many books featuring games, problems, openings, endgame studies, tactics, attacks and defense, I remember it being the first book that really stirred my appreciation of how a chess book should be organized.  In this regard, I am sure that Dr. Max Euwe, the fifth world champion, had much to do with its format structure which set the standard for chess literature to follow.

Garry Kasparov’s My Great Predecessors, Part II,  I place equally and in many ways superior in depth and quality of the concept for literary brilliance as a creative chess  artist, writer and author.  His style is unique and his pen will establish him forever on the literary scene at the very top for creative genius as player, journalist, and author.





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