Don’s Comic Update

Life without humor would pain me.

Aries  – You’re so charismatic that people tend to do as you wish without even considering if it is best for them.  Luckily you’re kindhearted and have their best interests in mind–variety is the spice of Life!

Blondie and Dagwood – Dag gets a teeth cleaning checkup.  Dental/ We use the newest materials for improving patients smiles. They are awesome!  Let me show you what you would look like with new space-age choppers. Let me turn on our NuFace Virtual Digi-tooth image.  Dag/ Yikes! Dental/ Of course, we would have to fine-tune the fit.

Pickles – Earl takes his dog for a walk and come across a tree.  Go ahead boy, do your thing. Come on now, boy, we talked about this.  No response from his pooch brings out Earl’s frustration.  Okay!  Okay. Fine, have it your own way. I fully understand.  I have a shy bladder, too!

Watters World –  Watters meets Hagar and his Mermaid marooned on a rock in the ocean with sharks floating nearby.  Lucky you don’t live in my world says Hagar.  Everyday is dangerous and treacherous!  Yeah, adds the Mermaid. Lucky me?!

Dilbert – I heard that you self-identify as a woman.  No! I don’t!  Well, I need you to do that so the company can be supportive and win some awards.  They installed for me my own restroom?! 


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