Current Works By Media Are “Dastardly”


They have attacked Donald Trump with — observation, truth, half-truths and just out and out lies.  In a word: SHAFTING IS THEIR LOGO IN THESE TIMES OF GROWING PERIL.

This whole idea of parading a hero family before the public by the Democrat Party on the surface was quite nice.  However, yours truly goes deeper than the sham of it fed to the public.  When a father goes before TV cameras and holds up the copy of the Constitution and raves almighty hell at Donald Trump, I somehow know it was all set up on purpose to draw a sharp response.  I have never seen a man so viciously attacked by an individual who by all accords of people who know Trump’s brash behavior of never defending but counter attacking which is a good idea in a chess battle.  And believe me folks, this whole campaign has been one hell of a chess endgame struggle.  Notice how the media jumped on this completely dropping any investigation news on Clinton or the Clinton Fund.  Nice cover-up news media.  Only Fox News covered both campaigns honorably and thoroughly and continue to strike blows at the corruption and as Bernie Sanders said during their individual run for the nomination — Hillary Clinton cannot be president of the USA, citing specific reasons I am not going to rehash and backed up by a number of key personnel in both parties.  But to go back to this one instance, I think I hit the nail on the head which no newscaster is willing to tackle.

Running for President is not a celebrity toy. He was a successful businessman who traveled occasionally abroad meeting many powerful people in business or government with a solid reputation as a leader who demanded quality but also gave workers incentive and pride in their workmanship, personally meeting many on work sites–men and women both!

He loves America.  He loves his family, job, and devoted to his wife and children giving them as a father should, strong character and support toward their independence and life goals.  Somehow this seems to be a sore spot with the liberalistic progressive movement where quality is forsaken for mediocrity, blaming others for failing in tasks and shirking responsibilities as parents as government and social studies have stressed.

Yes, that news media shortchanges the American family in so many ways.  It turns a light on the evils of our socialistic tendencies of Democrat control of most major cities, schools, and  bureaucrats seem often to skirt the edge of improprieties or just plain corruption. This revelation has just begun to find light cast on why the American people have such a despondent feeling about federal, state, and city governments in Washington,  and across America.  The disrespect shown our congress and senate has shed a poor light for the world to witness as well as tuned in citizens interested in government and how it functions.  Is there any wonder why our allies especially look less and less approval of American policies and governance?  But the good point is that we are a free people who so far have been able to express our beliefs based upon our joint integrities and character as a People.  Scoundrels no longer can so easily work in the dark shadows of back street allies and behind closed doors thanks to the American philosophy of free enterprise and the American way.  Countries need to periodically cleanse themselves because corruption begets corruption and that is the way I see it.

Seeing the behavior and malpractice of good governance at every level, I sometimes feel like shucking the whole thing  but for the joy of being an American  and my readership.   For that I am blessed with living in a free society, one of Christian biblical or other religious belief which remain vigilant in light of that communist devil Saul Alinsky to whom I say: ” I hope you enjoy shoveling coal in the ovens of Lucifer so admired.”


One Response to “Current Works By Media Are “Dastardly””

  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Just beware the trap Lazio fell into entering Hillary’s space which the media turned into a romp for Hillary when he approached her with a paper. It was a bully like move and the people all swallowed it hook line and sinker.

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