Kindred’s Analysis Connection With Past & Present Times

I try to get away from politics but it sure ain’t easy!  No, Americans are fed a line of bull by the Democrat Party and other left wing ideologists lacking the ability to find an argument for a debating subject or having done so by plagiarizing opponents views as their own which defines a copycat.  Often, with politics, this has become mainstream of those supporting one candidate at the expense of another.  For which now, I have one very sharp rebuke: LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!! and; it grows harder and harder for journalists these days to provide cover-ups.  It is working less and less before the public who now recognizes the deceitful manipulation of a media that was once thought to be the watchdog for a “who cares” generation more attune to instantaneous gratification than to good citizenship.

Be it otherwise, there would be no purpose of my writing this article.  But I feel compelled with having several decades of being largely just an ordinary citizen in mind which proves all wrong–I, you and every American wherever you live and whatever your interests — family, friends, work, play demands, yes demands, our personal attention to what goes on in our communities, our local schools, and our tiers of government agencies where today, because of this lack of concern or caring, leave it to a bureaucracy set up during citizen inattention to what goes on in government that is characterized by specialization of functions aimed at policy, fixed rules, a hierarchy of authority filled with red tape and unelected bodies seen as a growing proliferation of control over the whole population.  That is wrong for a Republic to abide for long.

It started, if you even care, with deception, half-truths which each fits my terms LIES and LIARS.  Hide the truth and you wind up shortchanging yourself, loved ones, friends, and associates. Lies beget lies.  The more you fib, the easier it becomes but you face the danger of having your integrity and character always suspect no matter the circumstances.  And you find your own conscience troubled.

Sometime ago I suggested that Hillary should retire, spend her time and interests on being a good mom, grandmother and wife.  I add to it those politicians who think only of themselves, their personal power as well as power base without real care for our nation.  And now I confess I have to add a growing list of frauds who hide in the dark shadows of the news media.

In days of old, there were crooked folks, too.  Cheats, liars, criminals going back ever since man and woman sinned.  Human nature has never been better and yet maybe now even more evil having no fall back on blaming it on lack of morality and education.  The more civilized we have become, the more corrupt and clever the deceivers. The world globe turns and it seems to be the same wherever it is viewed.

Perhaps, in the final analysis, my current column goes to prove to my audience that there is much to be learned from study of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.  Just to think; just to wonder at the texts, the wisdom offered to each who open hearts gives hope for eternal happiness and joy.









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