The term often seen describing the American patriot referred by the news media and politicians is forever seemingly molded in the term: DREAM–The American Dream. But I wonder if this fits the best term to place on such a pedestal;  my simple point is that growing up, the books I read seemed to point to a term like ADVENTURE–The American Adventure.

Perhaps the two terms are interchangeable in elegance.  Certainly one word or the other describes the beauty that emerges out of a positive description that describes the words DREAM or ADVENTURE.   One can be looked upon as passive beauty in thought; the other is aimed at a thought of uncertainty requiring exertion into uncharted waters where success and failure is more defined through our life’s walk if seen from my perch of the close relationship with a chess struggle.

This whole writing is of no real consequence other than to view it as food for thought.  One could wonder if it sounds like something coming out of a Supreme Court debate.




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