Earth Studies & Human Tinkering

Of the 719 articles I have written I sit here thinking: Humans forever will seek and embrace change.  I touched on climate change issues, the consequences of man’s tinkering with blinders on that have far reaching consequences.

A recent report on the placement of power turbines strategically to benefit from windstorms that the Obama administration so widely hail as a great blessing, embraced also by the power industry, now finds a two-year study as to the effects on the environment…  It is not good.  I said that but nobody listened.  Well, I guess I can put a feather in my cap but I don’t wear caps and I do not wish to say: I told you so.  But darn anyway. I shall for my own unhappy sight of this government study.

Bird wildlife destroyed is what the headlines should read.  It is now verified that bird migratory routes are loaded with these power turbine windmills meant for serving our electric power needs.  The havoc created for flight patterns of many bird species has seen a severe decline in population.  What is the effect on the migratory habits of those species?   And how does it effect natural control of insects that the birds historically help control.  As I pointed out before my pond-lake birds feast on thousands of insects daily but their return every year migrating to and back from Brazil has drastically cut their numbers.  Butterflies,  once the joy of summer gardens now see an almost extinction due to the interrupted migration to and from Mexico where turbines interfere with their migratory habits.  And finally, how does the government and regulatory bodies plan to get rid of the enormous number due to their size as they age and require replacement? No one seems to weigh in on this at all!!

Professional planners or political bureaucrats living in their ivory towers in Washington D.C. have given the American people one heck of a headache and eyesore.  The bureaucrats nor politicians likely won’t suffer any such ill-effects.



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