Humor is Good for the Soul

Aries:  You have taken on this silly and funny responsibility which you promised in a more or less unlimited capacity.  At the time that promise was made, it did appear that you would enjoy this absolutely forever.  Being in its pursuit, you find joy and fulfillment.

Blondie:  Dagwood and Blondie decide to take in a movie. D/ How much for a large tub of popcorn? SC/ $9.00.  D/Hey, its only popcorn! SC/ Fine. Don’t buy any, but the aroma of hot butter during the movie will drive you crazy. D/In my heart I know he is right! as Dagwood and Blondie loaded down with a giant bag and soft drinks enter to find seats.

Pickles:  E/Do you really think it necessary to write your cousin a thank you note?  I mean she will feel obliged to thank you for thanking her for her thank-you?  This could go on forever. O/I hadn’t thought of it that way.  You’ve got a good point. E/Thank you.  O/ No…Thank you.

Hagar:  H/ I wonder if I am as strong as I was 10-years ago?  Oh, you are stronger, dear!  I can smell you from here!



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