Christian Military Personnel

Take Note.  Obama attacks the military for personal beliefs in defense of those who practice the Muslim faith, atheists, and others who collectively object to soldiers and sailors who follow the Judeo-Christian faith.  BAN!!!!  That is right, readers.  Christian ministering to American troops is now taboo. Blame it on the leftists in America and those who feed off the indignation of those who oppose any thought or preaching Christianity or even to mention the word GOD.  I always thought the laws were clear but seem stepped on by our short-timer President who ignores his oath of office repeatedly.  As a citizen, I dislike having to say that which is true.  Such violations seem to be a product of the Democratic left-wing establishment from Washington, DC.

Writes Lt. Gen. (Retired) Wm. G. Boykin: ….After spending 36 years serving our nation in the U.S. Army, I’ve seen soldiers fight and die for our freedoms in many campaigns round the world.  I am an ordained minister.


With deep respect for our military and role of our House and Senate Armed Services Committees, we kindred spirits urge you to continue and remedy problems facing the current structure and continue to address the problem of anti-Christian persecution of the military chaplaincy who serve all branches–Army, Navy, Air Force, and specialized integrated guerrilla units.

Lest we speak up and oppose the haters of free speech, our liberties will eventually be replaced.  To achieve that, our rights to bear arms is likewise being systematically torpedoed.  God Bless America and ingenuity of a free people!


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