The Demise of a Free Press & Speech

It cannot happen in America?  That cry rang loud and clear growing up.  It seems to be tied entirely to a generational belief because today our sophisticated minds are bedazzled by so many conflicting views which make up a host of truisms and follies of thought.

Shake hands on an agreement?  Few would test its honesty based upon the human need for integrity or whatever else you might insert in the thought and act.  In short, it would not be clad in honesty.  The modern philosophy seems to suggest: do it to others before they do it to you. Stick it to um Charlie.

Oh, what a sad world!  It need not be that way.  If we all followed THE TEN COMMANDMENTS–what a joy!!  But that requires 100% participation in its following. And we know the extent to which the human race, sinful as it is and is ruled by Satan or if you prefer Lucifer–that devilish pitchfork is ever probing for an opening to any spirit that falls prey to worldly adventures.  That is the essence of a sinful thought, heart, passion.  Is there any wonder why people fall and fail to find joy in our modern world–gone mad?

The philosophy of the wise who try to discover a pathway to somehow make the world work began probably when America was founded.  I say that because Europe and Asia for centuries were ruled by kings and queens and tyrants.  It took an outsider, a Land that brought forth a people from Europe who envisioned freedom as a core to resolving centuries of conflict that regularly enticed countries to seek superiority over its neighbors. That was Europe.  And it took a couple hundred years of conflicts within and later beyond our borders to bring this philosophy of the wise to light.

The 2nd World War brought the United States of North America to play a significant role in foreign affairs.  It was no longer isolationist.  It helped to mold the direction of the European nations especially to renounce conflict by war and discover remedies to resolve differences peacefully.  Thus, for the first time in European history an eternal peace that was founded on economic principles forged a path of a new spirit of cooperation.

What many hated to admit was that it was America that held together the unification and founding of the NATO pact that said if any was attacked violently, it was considered an attack on the whole alliance.  It was also recognized by individual states, regardless of size, that US power and leadership was an integral part of a peaceful Europe.  And a peaceful Europe largely centered on the reunification of East and West German states as well as the breakup of Yugoslavia into its current configuration of states based upon ethnic beliefs.

This took time; it took leadership and cooperation.  It happened largely as the result of the breakup and demise of the Soviet Union.  The Russian state of socialistic communism remained and over time, it has regained some of its influence in the world independent of the United Nations world body.

While American democracy relies on the capitalist system to a large extent, exercising the rights of the individual and freedoms coming from the US Constitution,  most Europeans have adopted  a socialist ideology and governance.  Russia is turning again to a communist form of socialist rule and resumed its long time lust for influence throughout the world.

Freedom was hard to come by and once earned with sweat and bloodshed, remains to the best hope for mankind, religious freedom, peace and justice–The United States of America!



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