…WAS  THE  WHOLE  OF  THE  WEDNESDAY  NIGHT  DEMOCRAT  EVENING.  Actually my TV  went dead at the end of the President’s eloquent speech.  It shuts down so the box can be cleared for the next day.  But I forced it back on because I wanted to see the Republican response headed by Hannity who interviewed Newt Gingrich and others.  Afterwards, I shut the TV off and decided to do this article after usual bedtime needs.

In all, the speeches were uplifting and like I said PUTTING A PRETTY FACE ON IT ALL.  After all, damaged goods given all the past evenings of disasters had to be swept under the rug which is a general Democrat Party line (LOL) !  The masters proven by long experience in this hoodwinking of delegates at the convention and the public viewers I must say was indeed like a chess Grandmaster World Champion brilliancy or a walk off homerun.  But the smell of rats poisoned filled the air.

Tomorrow night is Hillary’s night to howl. You might remember my article where I suggested she should enjoy her retirement from being Secretary of State and give her full attention to her family and role of wife and grandma. That was my advice.  But then, no one ever listens to me!  Goodnight one and all.= Don, the kindred spirit.



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