Progressive Poisons in U.S. Society

As I look out over the landscape, the picture I see is one of perpetual beauty.  All around us is a tranquil joy of heart.  Yet, at this season that comes around periodically when a Presidential election is in the making, I somehow shudder with the thought that I have to witness another donkey-like farce.

In the newscasts I have to go through a scripted line, repeated almost word for word, phrases that are naught but propaganda directed to the ill informed having for too long been fed the Democrat Party line, and too uncaring to know the difference between facts and fallacy.  They swallow it hook-line-and-sinker.

WAKE UP!! You sad excuses for citizens and immigrants.  If you read nothing else, at least read the heading.  Because I have written a lot about what and where the progressive movement originated, others voiced the tribulations coming out of Professor Alinsky, a darling of Hillary from her college days with worship to this day.  He was a communist, socialist, agitator.  He was on the payroll of Chicago crime.

Why is it that the Democrat Party so embraces the radicalism of progressive thought? In a phrase:  IT SOUNDS GOOD.  The fact is that it originated in the former Soviet Union as did another Democrat love affair being PLANNED PARENTHOOD–abortions that Stalin had to curtail because so many babies were being aborted.  Whether this came from a Godless, atheist philosophy or not, it required the Soviet high command to alter its whole train of thought on the subject of killing babies.

So if one examines the modern Democrat Party, its programs and ideals, I come to the conclusion that the Party itself is basically SOCIALIST.  It has fallen back on extreme liberalism. But more than that!  It has adopted the lingo of the former Soviet Union.

Remember the horrors espoused by the liberal establishment over the rhetoric of President Ronald Reagan?  And even going back to the conclusion of World War II when the Democrats ruled the government and stuck it to General Patton.  Even then, the communists had infiltrated the American, British, French and Canadian governments with spy rings which thankfully was uncovered in time.

But HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN was well and fully entrenched in with their hidden agendas that ever peeled away at the American republic, and US Constitution.

Unfortunately there are too few left today who can even remember what those few decades embodied.  Even more, the American people, its huge immigrant population that found the education system being often undermined by socialist propaganda professors and teachers with literature that poisoned truth for lies.

I am remindful of what some great founding fathers warned of for future generations:  Freedom comes at a price.



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