Life can be Bittersweet

The Republican Convention is anything but dull!  The rabble seen in the street is typical of brainless idiots who cannot put together a valid reason for even appearing.  Such radicalism reminds me of the days when communists occupied stations in governments round the world with spy rings whose purpose was not physical destruction of property but rather meant to infuse disloyalty, racial and ethnic hatred among the public.  Such plots were often defanged by the FBI or other agencies before they could be utilized for that purpose.  The communists whole being was to stir up the people through the news media, meeting halls, and recruiting those who were susceptible to such virulent behaviors.

The news media attempted to bring harm to the Republican Convention inside the center through innuendoes so obvious to any who follow the issues, propaganda meant for those who paid little attention to politics or even had an interest in seeing views of what seems logical to assume being rich for future election debates.

The freedom minded swinging Donald Trump surrounded himself with that theme.  The delegates and American people got to meet the whole Trump clan which suggested a family full of love, ambition, smarts, healthful living, and where the focus was on the quality of parental guidance.  People gathered had a chance as well as the TV audience to see the results of upbringing, character building, integrity and work ethic of the whole family unit.  The media could only reflect jealousies and even tried to poke fun at religion by staging critics here and there to spew the Clinton doctrine of that menace–the progressive movement I described in earlier writings.  The ignorant are so easily misled. You won’t be misled reading my column.

Tonight the people across America and perhaps round the world will get to know Donald Trump.  The media will point to his current being by comparing that image seen during the primary.  That is the point!!  He is now tuned to actually running for President versus Hillary Clinton.  That requires as some call it, being Presidential.  That was the bellyaching by the media–that Trump was a lightweight having no political experience.  Is that not a good thing?  I know so!!  At last I see a man–a real man; a real American and patriot!

The Republican-conservative-liberal  base shows quality,  great men and women to choose for cabinet and other governmental positions of leadership.   I include liberals only because I am fair.  Few, if any, likely won’t apply having lived in an ivory tower for so long.

The days of Clinton and Obama with all the fanfare for political correct lingo, falsehoods, lying, cheating, numerous investigations that included murder, rape, and so much more–it would fill a book.  Obama, through his own mindlessness, has caused thousands of deaths of innocent people when he insisted the enemy was just a JV team, like attributing it to basketball lingo.  Yesterday it was a baby; today it s a growing menace reaching round the world including our own USA.  His drone strikes to eliminate the leaders have only stirred the juices for revenge and more hatred by the masses of the enemy still fighting and expanding.  They must be crushed out of existence.

Yes.  I shall be viewing tonight as I have throughout the coverage.  God bless our  public defenders and let freedom ring loud and clear.








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