Nice Youth Chess Group Leader Reports

Yves Lamorelle, the head of a chess club and instructor devoted to youth during the summer running weeklong training sessions decided not to take their youth to the fireworks in celebration of Bastille Day, the French equivalent of the Fourth of July celebration held in the United States I found in the D&C newspaper…Thank God we decided not to take the young ones. I was sitting in a café terrace having a drink and after a few minutes, people began running toward us from the promenade toward Old Nice. Then, all the café terraces began to clear out in scary type of chaos.  Tables, chairs, and glasses got turned over. Your instinct to survive takes over. People were stepping on top of each other without even knowing why.

Of course we know why…another Muslim terrorist attack inspired by a popular read Muslim magazine that earlier had detailed exactly how to murder people in the street. It was a Muslim refugee who was slain by the French police during the carnage. And now latest reports indicate that perhaps up to five Muslim individuals are accomplices.

The  RNC Prepares For Opening of Convention

The news media and those having their hands in the pie of discord will cost much needed funds for fixing roads, bridges, airports, schools needed public works.  And at this writing I have no way of telling the events dissenters have planned.

No.  This is not the right to have dissent!!  Not when the public acts like a bunch of apes and monkeys where protests have been going on seemingly forever by agitators.  I look back at history and see the very type of communist theory to disrupt our way of life in America.  It was curtailed by the FBI in those days.  Our education is such that we are led like sheep, full of booze and pot.  Our citizens have no balls anymore because of it.




4 Responses to “Nice Youth Chess Group Leader Reports”

  1. kingdomchess Says:

    Hey! You obviously enjoy chess a great deal so I would be extremely appreciative if you tried out the new variant I created called Kingdom Chess, so long as you have a chess board you can play, find the rules on my page, see what you think!

    Sincerely, Travis Geyer

    • kindredspiritks Says:

      Hi! I am wary about doing so because I have been burned by viruses and hackers a couple times. I used to be a member of the now defunct Mensa club Knights of Round Table (NOST). I am familiar with both Chinese Chess and also Extinction Chess which I wrote on. A master friend in France told me it was very popular because it was board and set. You won by capturing any pair, Queen or King or all eight pawns. No checks. Pretty fast and challenging.-Don.

  2. kingdomchess Says:

    Apologies friend, site moved to

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