Guns Needed for the Job at Hand

No one seems to remember just why it was that Police Forces were given the green light to use the weapons necessary to battle crime in our streets.  It happened when rather clever bank robbers chose to wear body armor and carry automatic or semi-automatic weapons.  When they emerged from the bank with their loot, the police who rushed to the scene were confronted by these bank robbers and proved no match for their firepower.

While this happened in the not too distant past, one need only to review the FBI training tools of its early existence.  Rope hand cuffs were used in arresting criminals because the FBI agents were not permitted to use tommy guns as the various criminal gangs did so the agents were handicapped in numerous ways such as not being allowed carry even handguns leaving the criminals largely in charge during the years following WW I.  It also cost agents their lives.  The criminal gangs met their match when the agents of the FBI were turned loose in cleaning up big city corruption by congress acting in passing needed legislation.

Many schools had firearm training and target practice as part of their education until the liberal do-gooders said it was anti-beneficial to human needs and development.  Records of the NRA proved very worthwhile to students.  Perhaps it is a matter of perception but the youth of America benefited from such exposure and widened the interest for hunting and fishing among family members.


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