Kings in the Blitz at St. Louis Mo.

While Fabiano Caruana and Nazi Paikidze topped the field of the men and women US Championship, former World Champion Garry Kasparov, a frequent visitor to the US and a supporter of spreading the joys and values learned from the game’s exposure to America’s youth, found him once more lured to the competitive spirit of Blitz chess play.

A huge number of youthful talent are honing their skills and a popular chess event is the Blitz tournaments seen played in many clubs across America. One of the popular defenses seen in these events is the Modern Defense which Kasparov adopts against one of the top rising stars of this era, GM Wesley So.  So set up your pieces and see the fur fly in this rare gem by these two giants of old and new generational talent.

l.  Nf3  g6  2. e4  Bg7  3.  d4  d6  4. c4  Bg4  5. Be2  Nc6  6. Nbd2  White introduces a new twist to the line of operations that contains a bit of poison. Kasparov recognizes the danger and avoids  6. …N:d4?  7. N:d4 B:e2 8. N:e2.

6. …  e5  7. d5  Nce7 8. h3  Bd7  9. c5!

Wesley So essays a sharp attack to vacate the c4 square for the knight, open the position and increased activity.

9. … d:c5 10. Nc4  f6  11. d6  A strong Blitz tactic but best was 11. Be3.

11. … Nc8  12. Be3  b6  Kasparov misses an opportunity to hit the Q-side by 12….b5! using another idea of square count by 13. d:c7 Q:c7 14. Na3  Nd6!  As Dr. Marchand used to say,”A pawn is a pawn is a pawn after all.” But pressure chess is the name of the game in Blitz.

13. O-O  Bc6  14. d:c7  Q:c7  15. b4  c:b4  16. Rc1  Nge7  17. Qb3!  Once again you can see the results of a King caught in the center files.

17. … h6  18. Rfd1  b5  19. Nc4: e5  20. B:b5  Rb8  21. Ba4  Qb7  22. R:c6  N:c6  23. Qe6+ N8e6  24. Bc5  Rc8  25. B:e7 Resigns as it is mate in four moves.




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