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A Good Laugh Can Make Your Day

June 10, 2016

Thought of the Day – A careful appraisal of my lawn on arriving home convinces me the grass has grown an inch since it rained last night.

Aries – Your body is starting to show the benefits of health and exercise.  Your results from efforts will inspire you to keep it up.

Garfield Liz, I’ve ordered us an eight-course pizza meal! ( Ding-Dong!!) Really?! Wow! And here it is!  It looks like four courses are missing.  Garfield! Only you had access to the box.  Garfield muses, HANDLING CHARGE !!

Blondie – Bumstead, I want you to go over every one of these contracts, even if it takes you all weekend.    On the other hand, why don’t I just get the new guy to do it.  Gee. I feel like I just won the lottery.

PicklesHi, Opal!  How is your day going?  Pretty good.  This morning was a bit tough. A lot of whining and pouting.  Nelson!  Not me!  She meant Grampa!

Shoe – Imagine our two buddies seated in the diner where the cook just gave them a cup of coffee.  How’s this for irony? What?  I disagreed about global warming with my girlfriend and she gave me the cold shoulder.


Comics– Food for the Soul Delight

June 9, 2016

Jump Start – Dating Lynn Chang is a clear violation of your parole.  It’s over!  Lynn left the country.  We’re aware of that.  But this cannot happen again.  Meet your new parole officer–one of our oldest guys, set to retire next year!

Garfield – I’m not the same cat I used to be.  BURP!!  Now I am.

Blondie – Dagwood meets an old familiar face on the street corner.  I thought you might have found a job by now.  Haven’t seen you in weeks.  Nope; no job; no relief either. I took time off for a vacation.  But I did manage to do well with my beggar’s cup.

Pickles –  Can I get you a pillow, Pearl, or something to drink?  What are you up to, Earl?  Why are you being so nice to me? I’m just trying to be a good host and make you comfortable.  In finding Opal, she asks, Okay, where is the real Earl, and who is that guy impersonating him?

HagarHagar!  You left the wall half-painted.  Do you ever finish what you start?  She spots him at the dining table gnawing at a bone.  Yes!

Peanuts – Well, so long ol’ pal…I’ll be back from camp in two weeks.  Oh, I just can’t stand these goodbyes.  They just kill me….I can’t take it anymore. My throat feels like I just swallowed a hockey stick!

ShoeWhat’re you watching?  Anderson Cooper 360.  What does the 360 mean?  That is the number of viewers.

Life’s Little Acre in Comic Humor

June 8, 2016

Garfield eyeing black spiders is fun and swatting them is even more fun!  But the spider objects, saying “I don’t think so!  Are you sure about that?  SMACK!!  Now I am pretty sure.

Blondie – Hubby Dagwood enters his favorite restaurant, saying to the cook, “I’m looking forward to a great lunch today, Lou.”  “This guy was in earlier and told me a real classy story.  Yep, now you’re talking cause I got a real whooper.  I’ll tell you while you eat.  “Sure, why not, Lou.”  “Perfect!  You think of a good one while I get your lunch.

Pickles – “Promise to be good to my sister while she visits with us for lunch today.  I expect you to be really nice to her” Yeah, and I want to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. We both know it is not going to happen.” “Oh, Earl!  Please–for my sake.!” “Sorry.  It can’t be done.” “I won’t make you go to a fabric store with me for a year.” Earl replies, “Consider it done!”

Hagar – Hager and his body guard are seated at lunch when a good lookin gal sits down next to the body guard. She rubs under his chin and says: “Yes, I will go out with you! I never go for classically handsome men. Their toughness scares me.” The body guard turns to Hagar and says: “She can’t make up her mind.”

Shoe – What were your ex-husbands like, Martha?  One weighed 450 pounds; one was a moron and one was a detective.  So I have been married to jumbo, a dumbo and a columbo.



June 4, 2016

“President Obama has the authority to change the rules – so we can save lives.”

So says Gail A. Reed,  co-founder of MEDICC where their research discovered that our neighbor island Cuba holds the highest rating medically for healthy childbirth.

That is why MEDICC wants our financial and regulatory help in promoting the World Health Organization to point out what Cuba is doing right while the USA is not.

The answer she gives is that the USA intervenes after someone get sick.  Cuba focuses on preventing sickness. They claim cost savings of 1/20 under the Cuban program compared to the USA.

That is why we should support financially the MEDICC program called, Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba.

Sorry but the USA has been combating illness on many fronts with preventive care given a top priority.  Given the President’s high-five on this program seems to do nothing but give the Cubans dollars while America gets the bills,

The Future Holds What for the American Way

June 4, 2016

So the news media dumped Glen Beck but not before he burned into our souls one  of my favorite books: Arguing With Idiots.  Personally I like a book like this title wherein our every attention is focused on tickling our ribs.  That, of course, is for conservative minded folk, not the politically correct crowd who like Hillary Clinton cackles when everyone wonders what the joke or humor lies behind a mundane thought pattern.


The conservative minded are educated and willing to debate concerning just about anything. I like that thought.  Because I see the insidious progressive movement as wholly un-Americanized philosophy where the idea is that we should not seek truth but to raise the esteem level of students so no one feels left out or answers to questions being neither right nor wrong but how one finds it.  No, it just depends if the students, for example, want to see a lot of red ink on their answer sheet or essay.  Some may find such red ink alarming.  Mom and Dad sure would.  Maybe that is why teachers don’t teach literature covering factual history but rather doctor it up with the feel good doctrine of progressive philosophy meant to destroy the American system ala Karl Marx and the agitator and Chicago mobs’ legal beaver Alinsky.

Republican Dewey believed and perhaps quite rightly so this: Existing life is so complex that the child cannot be brought into contact with it without either confusion or distraction; he is either overwhelmed by the multiplicity of activities which are going on, so that he loses his own power of orderly reaction, or he is so stimulated by these various activities that his powers are permanently called into play and becomes either unduly specialized or else disintegrated.

The American people spoke loudly about the CORE program espoused and pushed by the liberal establishment.  Those who champion it forget the words of people like Dewey.  The idea of change is the idea of progressive education and general philosophy embraced by the Democrat Party.  Led from Washington, DC bureaucrats who tell all of us that they know best despite the fact that such programs usually wind up finding local school districts shortchanged and the budgets busted, the children confused nor to mention the parents.

NO  ONE  EVER  LISTENS  TO  ME!  The public is led by leaders sharing the belief among all that office holders alone are right or wrong.  The Constitution is the greatest document ever created.  Yet, we might point to the Iroquois Indian Nation that preceded it having given some breath to embody such organizational principles to embrace.  No, the real hate in America today originated during the nineteenth and twentieth century decades that saw the introduction of socialistic patterns developing.  It was in writings; it was in turmoil of the times; it was blatant disregard of our own heritage.  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Marxism destroyed Russia because it went from the Czar to the militants who raped the individual, the wealth of the land and led eventually as all socialist systems do to enrich the very rich hierarchy and hold down the individual into a class system–no matter what you want to call it.

Call it what you want but those coming out of those turbulent decades have today seen their offspring taking power in our institutions with little or no resistance to their agenda of turning American belief in the individual to embrace collective socialism.

History is the real judge of socialism.  It’s world-wide power is insidiously destructive.  It is the BIG LIE  of all lies.

My American Dream for Every Day Living

June 2, 2016

No lecture; no advice; why bother?  The old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.’

I see young men often in social settings where they appear to have never been given help in learning what good manners are.  Not that they are going anywhere soon, but lets face it.  Being well groomed in public settings is a rich cultural benefit to young people.

It starts as a child with proper bathing by parental guidance. This simple responsibility is a learned function.  That one lesson taught early sets in motion the future attitude and what pride one attains in being well groomed.  It reflects a little of the character of your name, that of your parents, schooling.

Why do we attend church, read Bible stories?  It is another function toward a maturing mental and physical development where one’s character is again the result of ever learning new and reinforcing habits which prove valuable lifetime lessons.

Maturity means dependability at home, at school, on the job.  All the education in the world will be watered down without the basics of life learned as you grow physically and mentally.  How you behave and act within the world around you can be very beneficial.   The use of the tools I describe above will bring joy, prosperity, kindness to others, and enduring love for and of those met along the way.

I Finally Know the Truth

June 2, 2016

I guess I stumbled on what makes Washington politics an art of the deal.  No; I am talking about Donald Trump’s excellent book on the theory of deal making.  What I am pointing to is the history of Attorney General philosophy that has been bouncing around for a long time.

Go back to the E. F. Hutton case and the twisted logic of government punishment.  I take from it that the millionaires and billionaires face no real personal loss.  I find integrity wise, these vultures have nothing but a secular look at their being.

The American People have been fed a BIG LIE!  When questioning of the then Attorney General Ed Meese, he explained the case against E. F. Hutton and company this way. When someone steals say $10,000, a jail term of 7-years was justice because that crook had to be made a lesson of for all petty criminals and to dissuade similar thefts.  In the case of E. F. Hutton and company, the Attorney General and the government was only interested in returning funds to banks that were defrauded in the scheme.  To get the cooperation of the bigwigs, deals are made if reasonable remuneration is possible.  He said of this case, just what benefit is being served to send anyone of them to jail?


Apparently the lesson learned from this case was the pile of shyster Attorney Generals who came after with the air of superiority and willingness to cook the books so to speak of future investigations.

The simple lesson to be learned is that power spurs all kinds of corruption within the governmental bodies who are not elected by the people but by the bureaucrats who in the end work in collusion with lobbyists–some who were weaned within the congressional body politic.

I guess there is a name for it:  The Good Old Boys and Girls Club/Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Such governmental philosophies may well have predated even Meese’s reasoning of actions taken. Right?  Wrong?  All I know is that Mrs. Clinton was in government for many years serving that corrupt powerbase of thought.  We need a fresh face and a business leader with a proven track record of achievement…Donald Trump!