Grandstanding the Political Game

Whether folks are democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, socialist, communist or anon,  off-the-wall kooky belief followers exist in and habitually wind up on display for public scrutiny in news media releases.  It can originate with political small talk, lies, feelers fed the media aimed at creating animosities across the political spectrum which is fueled by cover-ups, lies, cheating, power bent bureaucrats behind a movement that may be alien to governmental role.

History points to past kingdoms having good kings and queens ruling as well as bad kings and queens.  In both cases, their courts were made up of power driven bureaucrats which it turns out can be behind the scenes rule as displayed more openly by the court advisors ever attempting to control the thoughts and countryside of the kingdoms.  Today, the elected political classes dominate the agenda of pro and con governance.  Still, in all cases it evolves around the intensity of power where a conflict may or may not be subject to debate.

Unfortunately, as I see it, the diabolical  term “corruption” has been an evil experienced throughout the history of man and woman which has polluted both the animal and plant world as well.  “Good intentions” often backfire on life’s journey.

Today the political debate has created Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two candidates who represent through the primary contest a contrasting political belief structure.  I do not wish to do more than to ask my readers to study the issues, give vocal support among friends and acquaintances and finally to vote!

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