Attack ! Attack ! Attack !

Great generals like Grant and Patton believed in attack as the only road to victory with the least collateral damage to either equipment or personnel.

The following short battle illustrates this theme. Gligoric vs. Kostic  sees a Dutch Defense after…

  1. Nf3  f5  2. e4  f:e4  3. Ng5  Nf6  4. d3 offering up his pawn to open lines quickly. Black replies to delay opening files hoping to get his King into safely by castling.  White has other ideas about allowing that!

4. … e3 5. B:e3  e5  6. d4  e4 7. f3  White is intent on opening up the central position.

7. … e:f3  8. Q:f3  d5  9. Bd3  Bg4  10. Qf2  Bd6  11. h3  Putting the question for the bishop as to his retreat preference.

11. …Bh5  12. O-O  Qe7

13. Nc3  c6  A necessary defensive move to protect the d-pawn and b5 square. With open lines, White assails them in square count deliverance!

14. Rae1!  O-O  To get castled, black has had to use defensive means that cost him valuable squares.

15. Bf4  Qd7  16. B:d6  Q:d6  17. N:h7!! Rf7  18. N:f6+ R:f6  19. Qh4!  Rh6  Desperation but it doesn’t help.

20. Q:h5!  Resigns.

This example of square count for student progress is important. Note how it assisted in move choices.   This example shows the direct relationship with attack-defense.  What happens you might ask in games where there doesn’t seem to be anything to especially do in the position.  Then, you should try to find good squares to move your men with hope that it will lead to some future plan and or operation on the battlefield of 64 squares.


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