The Beast Within the Human Spirit

The Bible is one book kept near at hand and not collecting dust on my library book shelves. Many are reference oriented, others give a tickle of humor, more to provide digestion for the soul. The remaining selections I have collected are my chess books which number in the hundreds and stretch the whole historic period of its existence.

This collection has enriched my enjoyment of life where I find often times a close bond between educational learning and creativity.  It is something I have tried to pass on to any receptive audience and readership through my own writings.

I have never been one to follow the crowd without critical thought and analysis to try and formulate my belief structure which, I admit, is Christian and biblical philosophy based upon writings or lectures of religious icons.  I find the Bible to be the historic truth originating with the Christian stories proved through the historical artifacts discovered over centuries by archeologists.

For me, the Bible spells love, of knowing and having a personal relationship with the Father in heaven and the life and teachings of Jesus and the Prophets that merged the old and new testaments.

The instruction given in the Ten Commandments at the time was certainly revolutionary in nature.  It was the cement that enriches the Soul and guide for a life of joy, happiness, love, family.  It precluded the coming of Christ Jesus.  It gave healthy meaning to life and struck an arrow in the evil deeds of human sinful nature with the birth and maturity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Satan, the devil, the archangel of darkness remains alive and well throughout the world. He is the beast within the human spirit that is ever ready to ambush the holy spirit of the Christian, the Jew, the lukewarm to the atheist.

Today is no different from the past.  Only the actors change.  We Christians have to fight the enemies within and abroad.  The Nazi  brought death and heartache to millions; the Communists likewise.  Yet, despite mistakes, American know-how, the spirit of working together, the faith of our leaders and our people to triumph over Muslim terrorists, to help those unfortunate who suffer from murder, violence, sickness, starvation, water shortages, etc. seems never ending; still our energies reap never ending battles waged to effect world-wide needs and shortages.

God Bless America and may freedom ring in church bells across the world.




One Response to “The Beast Within the Human Spirit”

  1. Jean Says:

    Well said!

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