Shocking If True– Another Evil Dream

As I have reported, I get tons of mail from all sorts of organizations through their representatives.  The latest comes from Dr. Mark Seidenberg, Ph.D.  He is project chairman of State Department Watch. (Maybe a good thing to keep an eye and ear about what goes on behind closed doors.)

While I may have been a lone voice for many years proclaiming the danger that still exists in the Marx-Lenin Doctrine for a collective world government that denies the liberties we Americans and all free people in the world dream of for all under its umbrella, this document I received spells out the devil in the pudding.

Mark writes…AGENDA 21 is the single most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen come out of the U.N.  And with Obama nearing the end of his presidency, the bureaucrats will put their AGENDA 21 plot into overdrive.  If they get their way, the results will be nothing less than the loss of our entire way of life and the establishment of a global totalitarian regime.

This latest U.N. plot is so evil, so much the insidious  undercurrent spirited by Obama appearing on TV with the words of pleasing grace that hide its true purpose.  In the USA, its code name is TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD: THE 2030 AGENDA.  It sure sounds harmless and progressive doesn’t it?

It has 117 so-called Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets for reaching them.  President Obama has 2.5 billion and $500 million already authorized for this bureaucrat take over which leads to the governing of the American people and removal of our freedoms via a power grab of our private property.

Much of what is being devised comes out of the communist manifesto I suspect.  But I thought President Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union?  At the time, I said REALLY?? The reality is that it just went into the dark shadows to reemerge in the light of today.  The classic rule of thumb by those spies was willingness to take a few steps backwards to emerge four steps ahead at a prescribed future time.  Maybe that time has come, now.

The endgame of the U.N. AGENDA 21 is to destroy America as we know it.  The Democrat Party and bureaucrats that operate within it have as its ideology —we have to protect the people living in the USA from themselves because we know the truth and we are educated in the correct way of thinking and trusting and believing.

Heh, Heh. And Ta. Ta.


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