It’s a Gas — This Comic Page !

Jump Start – The mark?  100!  Oh happy days, Benny–I passed!!  I won’t have to repeat! He finds his mom waiting in the car to pick him up from school. How was school today?  Just a ho-hum standard answer: Good.

Blondie – Alexander finds his dad in his easy chair reading the newspaper.  Hey, Dad!  Do you mind if I borrow the car for a few hours?  The last time you borrowed it, the gas tank was nearly empty the next morning.  And the time before that, the same thing happened. Alexander simply looks bewildered and gestures with his hands, Where are you going with this?

PicklesGoodbye, Pearl!  Thank you for being so nice to my sister. Earl.  Usually you are so ornery when she visits.  Earl who was seated by now on the couch says, “I’ve got to lie down now.  Being sociably and charming really exhausts me.”  Oh, I know.  Just being slightly cordial wears you out.

HagarWhen do you plan to get up? Well?  Let me sleep on it.

Dilbert –  As your work wife, I have some constructive criticism for you.  You’d be more attractive if you were taller. Dilbert responds: I just realized I don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and regular criticism.

Beetle Bailey Beetle, where have you been? I had a late date.  You’re going to bed!?  Do you realize it is 6:00am and you haven’t slept a wink?  Sgt. Snorkel will be coming thru soon to check on the bed covers being quarter bouncing hard. Well, the way I plan to meet his constant griping anger is to remind him that if I sleep for 16 hours, I’ll be back on schedule and awake for KP.

Wizard of ID – The king asks the prisoner on the gallows if he has any last words.  Depends.  Am I allowed to filibuster!?

Peanuts – Snoopy is watching TV with his little buddy.  WHAT’S THIS DOG DOING IN THE HOUSE?!!!  You stay outside where you belong!  Out! Out! OUT!  Rats! I’m going to miss all my TV programs.

For Better or Worse –  Daddy, am I a big kid or a little kid? Well, honey, it all depends on how we would look at it.  Things compared to baby Leah, you’re big!  Compared to a teenager, you’re little.  But know what I think!?  He hugs her, I think you’re just right!!

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