Kindred on The Passage of Time

One of my favorite columnists is Amy Dickinson.  This one I just read seems to fit current trends where the passing generational standards can cut a sharp contrast of values.

This ‘Tiger Mom’ writes about the contrast between her generation and her child’s generation. ‘ My sisters and I had to keep straight A report cards, practice piano two hours each day except Christmas Day or on vacation.  We grew up, married, had children, with great husbands and families of our own.  All are financially well to do.

So I decided that my mother’s guidance was good for my own child and pursued a similar pattern.  My teenage son (16) seems he is happy with Bs in school.  He has friends and they like to spend a lot of their free time together.  He practices piano but refuses to read books.

He is smart but I see him wasting his potential and not willing to grind it out as I did. My mom thinks I should take away his phone and partying with friends until he buckles down to work and gets A’s. It has led to a lot of yelling and fighting.

(There is a life cycle where children rebel against authority.  Believe me.  It is a natural act to grow from being a child to becoming an adult.  It is called the ‘teen years’.  It happens to humans, to animals, to birds.  Looking at nature, a flock of young ducklings are shielded by parents and as they grow, they want to venture out on their exploratory surroundings. The time comes  to teach flying and those lessons can produce mishaps and wonderful pride for parents and knowing that their wings will now enable them to fly.  A good comparison is a family of young bear cubs who ever seem to get into mischief.  It is true of children.  It is true of parents.  Success can be achieved in many ways.  Money and power do not spell success alone.  That is what makes having the freedom to achieve your own goals toward what brings joy to you as an individual.  Building trust, having faith, seeing dreams fulfilled are made of many faceted ingredients.  Character, trust,  and loving life, intertwined with family and friends should be all part of our goals.  Achieve them and you win in life.)–Don.


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