A Good Laugh Can Make Your Day

Thought of the Day – A careful appraisal of my lawn on arriving home convinces me the grass has grown an inch since it rained last night.

Aries – Your body is starting to show the benefits of health and exercise.  Your results from efforts will inspire you to keep it up.

Garfield Liz, I’ve ordered us an eight-course pizza meal! ( Ding-Dong!!) Really?! Wow! And here it is!  It looks like four courses are missing.  Garfield! Only you had access to the box.  Garfield muses, HANDLING CHARGE !!

Blondie – Bumstead, I want you to go over every one of these contracts, even if it takes you all weekend.    On the other hand, why don’t I just get the new guy to do it.  Gee. I feel like I just won the lottery.

PicklesHi, Opal!  How is your day going?  Pretty good.  This morning was a bit tough. A lot of whining and pouting.  Nelson!  Not me!  She meant Grampa!

Shoe – Imagine our two buddies seated in the diner where the cook just gave them a cup of coffee.  How’s this for irony? What?  I disagreed about global warming with my girlfriend and she gave me the cold shoulder.



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