Comics– Food for the Soul Delight

Jump Start – Dating Lynn Chang is a clear violation of your parole.  It’s over!  Lynn left the country.  We’re aware of that.  But this cannot happen again.  Meet your new parole officer–one of our oldest guys, set to retire next year!

Garfield – I’m not the same cat I used to be.  BURP!!  Now I am.

Blondie – Dagwood meets an old familiar face on the street corner.  I thought you might have found a job by now.  Haven’t seen you in weeks.  Nope; no job; no relief either. I took time off for a vacation.  But I did manage to do well with my beggar’s cup.

Pickles –  Can I get you a pillow, Pearl, or something to drink?  What are you up to, Earl?  Why are you being so nice to me? I’m just trying to be a good host and make you comfortable.  In finding Opal, she asks, Okay, where is the real Earl, and who is that guy impersonating him?

HagarHagar!  You left the wall half-painted.  Do you ever finish what you start?  She spots him at the dining table gnawing at a bone.  Yes!

Peanuts – Well, so long ol’ pal…I’ll be back from camp in two weeks.  Oh, I just can’t stand these goodbyes.  They just kill me….I can’t take it anymore. My throat feels like I just swallowed a hockey stick!

ShoeWhat’re you watching?  Anderson Cooper 360.  What does the 360 mean?  That is the number of viewers.


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