Life’s Little Acre in Comic Humor

Garfield eyeing black spiders is fun and swatting them is even more fun!  But the spider objects, saying “I don’t think so!  Are you sure about that?  SMACK!!  Now I am pretty sure.

Blondie – Hubby Dagwood enters his favorite restaurant, saying to the cook, “I’m looking forward to a great lunch today, Lou.”  “This guy was in earlier and told me a real classy story.  Yep, now you’re talking cause I got a real whooper.  I’ll tell you while you eat.  “Sure, why not, Lou.”  “Perfect!  You think of a good one while I get your lunch.

Pickles – “Promise to be good to my sister while she visits with us for lunch today.  I expect you to be really nice to her” Yeah, and I want to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. We both know it is not going to happen.” “Oh, Earl!  Please–for my sake.!” “Sorry.  It can’t be done.” “I won’t make you go to a fabric store with me for a year.” Earl replies, “Consider it done!”

Hagar – Hager and his body guard are seated at lunch when a good lookin gal sits down next to the body guard. She rubs under his chin and says: “Yes, I will go out with you! I never go for classically handsome men. Their toughness scares me.” The body guard turns to Hagar and says: “She can’t make up her mind.”

Shoe – What were your ex-husbands like, Martha?  One weighed 450 pounds; one was a moron and one was a detective.  So I have been married to jumbo, a dumbo and a columbo.



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