My American Dream for Every Day Living

No lecture; no advice; why bother?  The old saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.’

I see young men often in social settings where they appear to have never been given help in learning what good manners are.  Not that they are going anywhere soon, but lets face it.  Being well groomed in public settings is a rich cultural benefit to young people.

It starts as a child with proper bathing by parental guidance. This simple responsibility is a learned function.  That one lesson taught early sets in motion the future attitude and what pride one attains in being well groomed.  It reflects a little of the character of your name, that of your parents, schooling.

Why do we attend church, read Bible stories?  It is another function toward a maturing mental and physical development where one’s character is again the result of ever learning new and reinforcing habits which prove valuable lifetime lessons.

Maturity means dependability at home, at school, on the job.  All the education in the world will be watered down without the basics of life learned as you grow physically and mentally.  How you behave and act within the world around you can be very beneficial.   The use of the tools I describe above will bring joy, prosperity, kindness to others, and enduring love for and of those met along the way.


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