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The Case of Neglect Creates Burn

May 9, 2016

The 2016 Reykjavik produced a host of wonderful games.  The following victory by Sergei Movsesian (White) versus Richard Rapport pinpoints what I have often said about delaying castling in favor of mixing it up.  While it is true that castling can be called a neutral play, it does benefit the player by getting the King to the wing removing the monarch being stuck in the center files.

  1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  a6  5. Nc3  b5  6. Bd3  Qb6  7. Nf3  Qc7  8. O-O  Bb7  9. Re1  Bc5  10. Ng5!?  d6  11. Qh5  g6  12. Qh3  Nbd7  13. Be3  Ngf6  14. Rad1  B:e3  15. R:e3  b4  16. Ne2  Ne5  17. Nd4  Qe7 18. Be2  h6  19. f4  Ned7  20. Ng:e6!  f:e6  21. N:e6  Rc8  22. Bf3  Bc6  23. e5!   d:e5  24. f:e5  Nh7  25. Ng7/ck.  Q:g7  26. Qe6/ck. Qe7 27. Q:g6/ck. Kd8  28. B:c6 Nf8  29. Qe4  Kc7  30. Bb7!  Qc5  31. B:c8  K:c8 32. Rd5  Qc7 33. Q:b4  (1-0).

What’s in the News for Today

May 7, 2016

Cuomo inquiry shows conflicts.  Really? I guess I see the same professionals surfacing in this D & C article.  SUNY Polytechnic so much hyped by the Governor’s office has questionable dealings by one lobbyist law firm, Whiteman Osterman & Hanna, apparently with close ties to Governor Cuomo.  Is there anything unusual or wrong in picking your friends and trusted associates in handing out government contracts?

And how about the heading: Sentencing ends bid-rigging case.  Apparently Daniel Lynch is off to jail and prison handcuffed in his role in the local development corporation scandal.  Prosecutors say he was the ringleader in breaking the law.

Nelson Rivera was given 5-years probation and fines for his role in the LDC case.

Coyotes have been seen which is a sure sign of spring.  Domestic dogs do not appear to want to be friendly with them and seek safety in the arms of their owners. Those bully Coyotes!

Maine scallops are plentiful this year again. No doubt they will be on the menu of many restaurants.


The Deal Makers in Washington, D.C.

May 7, 2016

One of the biggest deal makers in government today is Chuck Schumer who has the blessings of the powerful establishment within the Democrat Party and the hand-picked successor to Senator Harry Reid.  The only thing I remember him for is some deal he made to help the Dairy industry and farmers.

One might clap with envy of such devotion to helping the New York power base within the media and Democrat Party which loses counties outside the NYC beltway.  The power base is entirely the Labor Unions that dictate the policies and life line of the political New York media movement.  And it comes from the many boroughs that forever seem to make this state a one party possession as a “right.”

Well, I understand Wendy Long is vying for Shumer’s Senate seat.  The only active party to oppose the Democrats is the NY Conservative Party and that handle is proudly held high in the hands of this gallant gal who proudly tacks on the handle of her campaign as a true blue conservative minded candidate.  I say this without any fanfare.  It is folly one might say given as one looks into a fish bowl to see just what fish is present.  The obstacles are many. The smirks coming from the media pros laugh as though to say, “good luck babe”! Another conservative dreamer!  Ho, Ho, Ho!

Is the spirit of debate, of belief in self and in integrity lost in the long New York history of pile on pile of corruption, beatings and even cases of murder that has plagued the inner city docks; various transport companies  trying to compete honorably, asking only for fairness to compete for contracts, etc.  For years this has been hid under the shield of the labor union bosses and Democrat Party.  Is this the America we want for our children to inherit??

Chances are she won’t win.  Lets face it–the deck is stacked from day one.  American citizens can’t be blamed can they when the deck of cards come phony up before the fight begins?  My readers might say I am a defeatist.  You know me better. What I am hopeful of is to get these damn New Yorkers who kiss their butts and go with the flow to find some backbone and say piss to the journalists, news media and the like and think and act on their own feelings and convictions.

That is the only way, Wendy Long has a chance to turn around the corrupt New York system.  My hat off to her.  Perhaps some of my readers will wonder just what Shumer, the reportedly great deal maker in the Senate has accomplished with the deals he has made.  The country is in one hell of a mess as witness the past, the present and likely the future –short of changing of the guard.  But I won’t hold my breath.


Kindred’s look at “Dubious”

May 7, 2016

That term “dubious” has been around as long as chess articles appeared in print which goes back a couple centuries at least.  It is of course associated with an idea thought to be new in a position.  Perhaps one of the greatest examples comes out of what today is known as the Dilworth variation in the Ruy Lopez.  It was introduced by Jackson Showalter over a hundred years ago.  He was considered by many as the top US player.

After the moves 1. e4  e5  2. Nf3  Nc6  3. Bb5  a6  4. Ba4  Nf6  5. O-O  N:P  6. d4  b5  7. Bb3 d5  8. P:P  Be6  9. c3  Bc5  10. Nbd2  O-O  11. Bc2  Black discovered a sharp opening attack line starting with 11. … N:f2 as gambled on by the Polish player Jan Kleczynaski in Paris 1924. It was perhaps this game that drew attention to this early attack sacrifice opening up the White position to assault.

What has become one of the standard opening lines goes 12. R:f2  f6 which Mikhail Botvinnik played against Smyslov: 13. e:f6  Q:f6 14. Ng3  B:f2/ ck.  15. K:f2 Ne5  with a strong attack.  For example, 16. Qd4 Rae8 17. Be3 Bg4 ( if 16. Kg1 Black continues with the sharp 16. …Rae8  17. Be3  N:f3/ ck.

16. Nf5  Bg4  17. Q:d5 ck.  Kh8  18. Qe4  g6! with a very strong position. In actuality, Kleczynaski erred with 18..Qh4/ck. which let White  go on and win the point.

In 1941  Dr. Vernon Dilworth, playing in the Irish Correspondence Championship essayed the attack which now bears his name, having achieved considerable success with supporting analysis.  It took 17-years and the whole concept is played occasionally even today.  (In one of my articles featuring the Dilworth variation, I presented my win versus Denis Strenzwilk who recently passed away.  Denis was the finest of gentlemen met in battle royale.)