Don Pokes Fun at Humanity

Aries -It is time to convince the childish part of yourself that  your higher-minded self is worthy of just as much respect  as the other authorities in your life and then a whole lot more.  Alekhine and Capablanca  are odd fellows in my being for love of Tal where I often relate my inner feelings to “damn the torpedoes–full speed ahead!

Blondie – Dagwood’s fondness for reading in bed tells his wife “Listen to this ending. It turns out the wife had been slowly poisoning her deadbeat husband’s omelets a wee bit everyday for the past ten years.”  “I  bet  she did it because he wouldn’t let her sleep.”

Pickles – You look a little tired, Opal I am dear; I defrosted the icebox, did a load of laundry.  Well, I picked a bunch of animal fuzz balls off my sweater.  Guess the point is that we both managed to accomplish something important!

Hagar – Hagar addresses: Men!  I have good and bad news for you. We face an enemy in the morning at our walls who have never suffered defeat in battle. This could be your last meal.  His men chimed in: So, what’s the bad news?  as the cook fills the soldier’s bowl.

Shoe – How did your audit go?  Brutal!  How far back did the IRS go? Let’s just say the tooth- fairy proceeds were mentioned.

For Better or for Worse – How much do you think he makes?  That is none of our business. We do not go around asking people what they earn or are worth.  That is an invasion of privacy.  All we can do is surmise which would be a rough estimate.

One Response to “Don Pokes Fun at Humanity”

  1. gapawa Says:

    Hey there! Just trying to connect with the other chess people on WordPress:)

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