Kindred returns after shoot down

Well folks, I am back after a very bad case of the political blues that for some reason caused my computer to refuse to cooperate with me.  I was arming up my dander to chastise these deadbeat heart throbs who stated they would leave the country or at best not vote just to undermine the wishes of the American public.

I say good!! and Goodbye to each and everyone who feels discouraged and cheated.  Any way you look at it, the good ole USA is still the best country and our political system the best in the world.  Bernie Sanders pops off using examples of  Denmark and Norway. Well, I suggest he consider the size of those countries–both fit into the borders of the USA, maybe two or three times. And their history and peoples are not as diversified having a more common disposition of character and strength.

Since the American people did not want Carly Fiorina whom I supported from day one and still think she ranks among the outstanding American patriots with her unique credentials, I have with research decided to fully support Donald Trump who is an outstanding American, father, husband and Christian with the wisdom to understand how the world of business works, has taken advantage of the system but recognizes that things must be improved and laws strengthened.  He is witness to those shortcomings in the economic structure and sure he will adopt if elected to remedy many of those shortcomings. Perhaps this is bone in the throat of the establishment who says we cannot afford a Donald Trump in the White House?! They know not what they speak!

As I see it, the American people have widely endorsed Donald Trump as one to lead the country out of the maze of fog that encroached us in the political correctness diabolical hogwash adopted and seen ever since the sixties.  That is another example coming out of the Democrat – Alinsky crowd of PROGRESSIVE bunk…It took a man who has the power and leadership talent to foster a broad coalition and necessary to defeat the Democrat machine headed by Hillary Clinton and company. And lets add Soros and other fruitcakes who butt into our country’s affairs politically speaking.

I laughed when I saw Hillary praising again (how many times her perceived ideological bent on the wonderful progressive movement!)  That sound so great; so grand; so communistic!  Yeah, our students and our backward educated nuts who have no knowledge of the greatness of America and its past–who gobble up the secular jargon simply verifies in my mind that the Satanic Angel is alive and well in America.  The stupidity that comes out of the mouth of people on the street shows the commies have really undermined the quality of potential and good in our youth.

Yep, we have educators who use school classrooms as experimental tools of the Democrat Party liberal establishment.  We have secular leaders perhaps in both parties who have an agenda foreign to the beliefs of the vast majority of the public.  In this, it took the outspoken but accurate oratory of Donald Trump, the outsider, who shocked the American people to wake up and say: Hey, this guy is just what I’ve been thinking and afraid to rock the boat for fear of being criticized by the media, government and press in general!  More power to him!  He has restored the spirit too long lost in that secular hogwash of the ACLU and others who dominate what we, the People, must think for fear of retribution.  Isn’t that what is fast becoming obvious under President Obama and his White House political hacks who were not elected to anything.  Unfortunately, we have a Justice Department who continues to have blinders like the milk delivery horse of years ago.

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