The Archives of History

Konstantin Dolgitser emigrated from the famous little chess world city of Riga, Latvia. The following game from my archives should tickle your ribs.

White: J. Schroer  vs. Black: K. Dolgitser  QGD (D37)

1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3  d5 4. Nc3  Be7 5. Bf4 O-O 6. e3  c5  7. d:c5  B:c5  8. Qc2 Nc6  9. Rd1 Qa5  10. a3  Be7 11. Nd2

At the time, both the text and 11. Rd2 were hot items in the analytical world.

11…e5  12. Bg5  d4  13. Nb3  Qd8  14. e:d4 N:d4  15. N:d4  e:d4  16. Be2?!

After the slightly better 16. B:f6  B:f6 17. Nd5, black is slightly better.

16. …Qa5!  17. B:f6 B:f6  18. b4 Qe5  19. Nd5 Bf5  20. Qb2

White finds himself reduced to almost forced movement.  Black control of the e-file and the fact that the King has not castled assures a superior square count edge for Black.

20. …Rfe8  21. f4 Q:d5!

With this I procure 2/bs an advanced passed d-pawn, Rooks on the open e-file with their penetration into the guts of the White position.  My understanding of Tal’s creativity is based upon accepting risks by making strategically sound sacrifices, while having confidence to find solutions to hidden resources of the defense.-KD.

22. c:d5  d3  23. Qb3  R:e2+ 24. Kf1  Rae8 25. Qc4 Bh4!  26. Qc3 d2  27. g4! Bd3! 28. d6 Bb5 29.d7  Re3+ 30. Kg1 R:c3  31. d:e8/Q+ B:e8  32. R:d2 Bc6  33. Rd1  Re3  34. g5 Re1+ 35. R:e1 B:e1 36. Kf1 B:h1 37. K:e1  Kf8 White Resigns (0-1).

Once again part of victory emerges in this game due to failure to castle to remove the King from the central files where it tends to be exposed in the opening phase. KD carried out a splendid attack in the nature of his hero Mikhail Tal whom he emulated clearly in this exciting chess battle.  Perhaps a main feature of chess is the willingness to accept risks that often determine the path to victory.-Kindred.


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