Through My Looking Glass

The World Championship Candidate Tournament produced many beautiful games.  When tallied up, a conclusion might be drawn that all the players felt that chess is a very tough game.  You can’t know whether the chessman you just moved is leading to you losing your scalp or taking that of the chess partner.

Years ago I was often confronted with no opponent.  My chess board and pieces had no spirit or life of themselves.  So what did I do?  I lacked a fight, a battle against a foe.  In desperation, I swept the board clear, scooped up the pile and tossed them at random about the 64 squares.  How very strange did I find a series of possible combinations.  It somehow gave me a stimulus for a mental challenge.

I have compared chess to life experiences.  I know some grandmasters and writers have said it has nothing really to do with life itself.  In this, their excellent minds remind me of the chess men who sit at the opening stage, having no real motivation until the human element of physical and mental combine together to form those inert objects into the strategic  process of turning competitive ideas into what constitutes a chess game battle.

Bobby Fischer compared energy burned during a game to boxers fighting three rounds; he might have added two in a tennis match fighting for a set edge.

The war on the 64 squares in this great exhibition of great talents ended in victory by Sergey Karjakin.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen wants the title match to take place in November in New York City.  However, like so often happens, the boss has little to say about it given the turmoil of outside financial  interests.  Apparently there is a behind the scene fight going on among chess websites over real-time action among the organizers, AGON on the one hand and FIDE and the Russian Chess Federation disputing the wishes of W/C Carlsen.

The conflict among these organized groups seems to be over the superior quality of the websites who lost the financial wealth battle to AGON whose site is relatively new and doesn’t have the quality offerings as do the other sites.

Now here is my point.  The endgame reflects the moment of truth after all the fire storm is done.  The pleasure seen from victory is conversely witnessed and likely exceeded by the pangs seen in defeat.  The clearness of a result can be shaped or marred by external elements.  So to is life.

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