Love Surpasses All Emotions

For Better or Worse brings back school memories like the time the teaching instructor called out, “Time for a break.  We’ll come back to the jive in 15-minutes.”  “Good!  I hated all that stuff in gym.” “Come on John, the sixties were fun.” “Easy for you to say. You girls just sat around waiting for us guys to make the first move.  And we were the ones who had to die from embarrassment. “I never knew you were so emotional about your high school days, John.  I was pretty insecure then, I guess. I never thought that anybody really liked me.  I like you, John. I ‘um love you really.  Wanna go out for a root beer float?  As long as I’m home by twelve.

“I love you, Garfield!  I’m going to bake some cookies.”  Garfield thinks. And I love you, lady!

Dagwood seems never able to get a good night’s sleep. So I set up a watch in the bedroom to see if it provided a clue.  Well, Blondie called out to Dagwood to wake up. “Sorry dear but you were speaking French very loudly in your sleep. French?  I don’t speak French. “I did not say you pronounced all the words correctly.  Dagwood, now wide awake, just stares into space.

Pickles humor is catching.  “Guess what!  I bought a pair of pants that were mislabeled a size small and they fit me perfectly. I am actually wearing size small slacks!!  I bet she will leave that label on for everyone to see.

Hagar–  “Hagar!  You make me a better person!”  By the sample I set?  No, no.  Just by comparison.

Peanuts –  “Why did I get stuck with a big brother who is a nothing?  Why aren’t you the hero type?  Well I guess if you aren’t the hero type–you just aren’t!  Don’t go quoting Shakespeare to me!!


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