Kindred’s Analysis and Advice to Viewers

I have remained mum on the debates other than to support Carly Fiorina for president. I did this with due thought for a number of reasons. She is a superb debater proven by the debates many viewers including myself say she won during the primary.  But most importantly she has a record of achievement backed by her knowledge of cyber issues that threaten the whole USA and the world by the crazies.  As a high tech leader few leaders in government today have the background knowledge to get at the truth and ask those who can positively add to the discussion and warfare against our enemies.  She possesses the character and moral values this country was founded on.

However the American public has spoken heavily in favor of Donald Trump. He is hated by the Left, by the Conservatives who have no interest in giving up the power they have gained throughout the last several years.  Lies are told defaming his character and lack of record–he has no political background or base to speak of and yet he dominated as an independent conservative minded and yet free lancer who is a born leader recognized by both his supporters and especially his distractors who have no desire to give up the gains earned in the name of conservative.  In reality they would rather go back eight years, see Hilliary Clinton elected so they could rant and rave as they did against Obama.  When given the chance to lead, they did not.  The candidate Romney ran a lousy campaign, lost when he should have won and disappeared revealing little to no leadership qualities. Now he sticks his nose into the campaign of Trump trying to undo what the voters overwhelmingly support.  Same with Cruz.  That is what pisses me off!!!!  It is morally wrong.

The Democrat Party is running scared.  The media is running scared.  Lies and deceit rule their agenda.  To prove it, just look at how they chop up what Donald Trump has said and the lying bastards who leave out key words that alter or completely change where they try to make the naïve public from students to retirees believe in the tripe.  And in ignorance, they swallow it because we have a debunked education system run by socialized liberalism that evolved over decades of waste.

I will sit still and await Donald Trump formulate his program, his people chosen to help run an effective government–too long lacking because of the shysters now in charge of the White House, appointees who dictate without elected power. Smells the way the commies do things around the socialist world.

No, we can rant and rave and willing to be losers instead of winners.  You see, to me, those who hate Donald Trump do so for no other reason than spite.   He turned the whole of what was for too long the accepted “have to be politically correct crowd.”  So they don’t understand plain talk.  They don’t understand the fiery manner when Jesus threw out the money merchants from the Temple.  Do you think he did anything but was violent in his tone which accompanied his anger and force?  He simply meant business resulting from his anger.  No, the polite behavior has for too long been making Americans dupes for the social elite and socialized liberal establishment.

Now that the primary season is past, lets turn to being supporters in strength and finances that give the candidates the support needed to win in every town, city, state and the broad spectrum of our Nation.  Each of us must pray for our candidates but mostly our country.  What has been gained can be lost and what was lost can be restored by faith.

Our peoples are in crisis. We lack leadership.  We are seeing our moral character traits watered down by the liberal hogwash.  Yet,  there is hope in the leadership displayed by good citizens in our cities, states, and nation.  It is a fight we must win.  With God’s blessing, we will prevail.



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