A Front Hidden Behind Ignorance

Been awhile since I took up the pen to shed light on the goings and comings of a corrupt government at every level, a despicable excuse for a President and wholly infected germ that infiltrated and ruined the Democrat Party and shown the Republican brand as anything but truthful and honorable.  That germ has lain in the bowels of the Democrat Party, an insidious bug that is fast destroying the historic fabric which finds the American people asleep at the wheel of a fast moving car and ready for a violent crash.

This old man possesses some memory still and wise enough to challenge the so called political correct crowd.  Yes, the American public is waking up but has little backbone to the realities of life or remembrance of history seen coming from the evils of the Communist Party that was housed in the USA during the 30s through the 50s.  Subversive activities were clothed in a news media of a growing liberal view where truth was attacked, those who voiced alarm were shut off and blackballed.  The CP itself was washed clean to breathe as a socialist ideology thanks to the efforts of Alinsky and company.

The laughable joke is that the enemy of America was the bathed babies that grew into the web of future leaders hailed as college professors whose very essence existed from youth training to hate what America stood for.  Freedom speech was the rallying cry of these communistic subversives who used the greatness of our country’s Constitution against itself.  That is pitiful because the vast majority in America swallowed this rhetoric and media coverage that spanned from news print to the movie industry.  The push to ever infiltrate through every avenue of weakness was simply a forecast what was to become America for the 21st century.

A great Land?  Yes, it is!!  The government and leadership within is greatly flawed.  The takeover of the power base by infiltrators has been clouded in a mist that the eyes cannot see bright shining stars any more than the blind.  And I am afraid that we are in danger of becoming sightless as a Nation to meeting the challenges that a once great people gave birth and contribution to mankind.


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  1. kindredspiritks Says:

    Need the Kindred Spirit of this web say more?

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