The Case of Neglect Creates Burn

The 2016 Reykjavik produced a host of wonderful games.  The following victory by Sergei Movsesian (White) versus Richard Rapport pinpoints what I have often said about delaying castling in favor of mixing it up.  While it is true that castling can be called a neutral play, it does benefit the player by getting the King to the wing removing the monarch being stuck in the center files.

  1. e4  c5  2. Nf3  e6  3. d4  c:d4  4. N:d4  a6  5. Nc3  b5  6. Bd3  Qb6  7. Nf3  Qc7  8. O-O  Bb7  9. Re1  Bc5  10. Ng5!?  d6  11. Qh5  g6  12. Qh3  Nbd7  13. Be3  Ngf6  14. Rad1  B:e3  15. R:e3  b4  16. Ne2  Ne5  17. Nd4  Qe7 18. Be2  h6  19. f4  Ned7  20. Ng:e6!  f:e6  21. N:e6  Rc8  22. Bf3  Bc6  23. e5!   d:e5  24. f:e5  Nh7  25. Ng7/ck.  Q:g7  26. Qe6/ck. Qe7 27. Q:g6/ck. Kd8  28. B:c6 Nf8  29. Qe4  Kc7  30. Bb7!  Qc5  31. B:c8  K:c8 32. Rd5  Qc7 33. Q:b4  (1-0).

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