What’s in the News for Today

Cuomo inquiry shows conflicts.  Really? I guess I see the same professionals surfacing in this D & C article.  SUNY Polytechnic so much hyped by the Governor’s office has questionable dealings by one lobbyist law firm, Whiteman Osterman & Hanna, apparently with close ties to Governor Cuomo.  Is there anything unusual or wrong in picking your friends and trusted associates in handing out government contracts?

And how about the heading: Sentencing ends bid-rigging case.  Apparently Daniel Lynch is off to jail and prison handcuffed in his role in the local development corporation scandal.  Prosecutors say he was the ringleader in breaking the law.

Nelson Rivera was given 5-years probation and fines for his role in the LDC case.

Coyotes have been seen which is a sure sign of spring.  Domestic dogs do not appear to want to be friendly with them and seek safety in the arms of their owners. Those bully Coyotes!

Maine scallops are plentiful this year again. No doubt they will be on the menu of many restaurants.


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